Club Policies

Out of School Clubs
Keeping children happy & safe after school and during school holidays has stretched the mind of many a parent.

We provide just the right answer with a balanced programme of fun & adventure that encourages children of all abilities to discover new hobbies whilst making friends, gaining skills & acquiring a sense of teamwork.


  • Children ages 3 to 11 years will be able to attend Playhouse Horsenden.
  • Places are allocated on a first come first served basis:
    • When at full capacity, a waiting list will be generated, and places will be filled accordingly.
    • Children who attend the scheme during term time will be given priority for places in all holiday sessions.

Child Registration

  • Registration forms are to be completed online via our Childcare Booking System
  • Registration forms must be completed for your child/ren to attend our club. This form covers, vital information, including names, addresses, contact numbers, G.P. telephone numbers and any health matters. Staff need to know as much information about your child as possible to give them the best care suited to their needs and abilities. This information will be treated with the strictest of confidence. The completed registration form also gives full permission for the staff to collect the children from school.


  • You must advise the club if you need to cancel a booking, so staff are made aware; the online booking system does not allow for any refunds or credits.


Two members of staff will be present at all times, with a staff ratio of one to eight children.

We follow a strict safe recruitment policy therefore we ensure all staff are DBS checked, hold Safeguarding & Child Protection certification, Hygiene and Food Safety Certification and trained at Level 3 Paediatric First Aid.


A light afternoon snack will be provided at the club, at no extra cost.

During school holidays, children attending a full day session will be required to bring a packed lunch. A mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack will be provided by the club.

Parental Involvement

Parents will be encouraged to visit our club and make any comments or suggestions to help us maintain a safe, secure, and happy environment for their children.


Playhouse Horsenden operates with a strict no smoking policy.


If your child takes medication (tablets, medicine), the medical consent form must be completed and handed to the manager before they can administer it. This includes inhalers for asthma. Childcare workers cannot administer any medication unless it has the child’s name on it, date of birth and the required dosage on the prescribed bottle.

Handover Arrangements

Children will be escorted back to the club after school by suitable staff. Only authorised persons over 16 years of age will be allowed to collect the children from the club. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to contact Playhouse Horsenden if alternative arrangements have been made. Playhouse Horsenden will attempt to collect any children who have a booked placed at the club. The club accepts responsibility only from the time of drop off and passes responsibility to the arranged parent/carer at the time of collection.

Positive Play Opportunities

‘Children have a right to an environment which facilitates their development’ — Children Act 1989.

Playhouse Horsenden environment is attractive, stimulating, secure and conductive to promoting a home away from home atmosphere. Children’s activities are broad balanced and appropriate to a child’s individual needs. The children are involved in the planning of activities, which can be structured but flexible.


Playhouse Horsenden aims to prevent bullying in the club, help children understand that bullying is damaging to all concerned and support children who report personal instances of bullying.

Bullying will be treated seriously, and all claims of bullying will be listened to, and every attempt made to establish facts between both bully and victim, then appropriate action will be taken to address all concerns and ensure that there are no recurrences.  Any action to be taken will be fully explained to all concerned.

Child Protection

Playhouse Horsenden is committed to building a ‘culture of safety’ in which the children in our care are protected from abuse, harm and radicalisation.  The Club will respond promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns regarding the safety of a child that may occur. The Club’s child protection procedures comply with all relevant legislation and with guidance issued by Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service.

There is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) available at all times while the Club is in session. The DSL coordinates safeguarding and child protection issues and liaises with external agencies (eg Social Care and Ofsted).

Equal Opportunities

Playhouse Horsenden aims to challenge discrimination in all areas concerning the organisation and ensure the community’s needs are met. As a care provider, we will ensure each child in our care is valued as an individual without gender or racial stereotyping. Discrimination will not be tolerated in anyway within the club. Any person, staff or user has the right to lodge a complaint using the procedures in place.

Special Needs

All children have needs; some have special needs which are in addition to the needs they share with their peers. It is our policy to treat all children as individuals. The staff will discuss thoroughly with the parent/carer how we can provide the best, consistent care for the individual needs of the child.

Emergency Procedures

Behaviour in the case of fire is provided for by the display of notices giving clear instructions. Staff will be appointed by the manager and be fully informed on the procedures to be used in case of fire or evacuation. Areas have been designated for the safe assembly of evacuating employees, children and the general public in case of emergencies. Fire drills will be conducted in accordance with legal requirements.

Covid 19 Safety

In light of the increasing infection levels, considering the safety of our children and staff, we have made some changes to our arrival and departure process. You can rest assured that we have implemented strict protocols in place to keep everyone safe. We are taking the social distancing, hygiene and safeguarding rules very seriously even though government regulations have been relaxed.  Click here to read our Covid safety instructions.


All concerns should be made to the Club Manager in the first instance. If you wish to take matters further, complaints can be made directly to Ofsted, there is a complaints poster on the notice board.

Ofsted telephone no: 0300 1234 666 / email